Building Seattle's Future Since 1889
Clise Properties has been a leader in the development of Seattle for more than 100 years. Founded by J.W. Clise in 1889, Clise Properties played an integral role in rebuilding Seattle after the Great Fire.

Securities Building in 1914.
Securities Building in 1914.

As the company flourished, second-generation leader, Charles F. Clise, recognized considerable long-term growth opportunities in Seattle's Denny Regrade, now known as the Denny Triangle. As a result, Clise's assemblage of assets throughout this area positioned the company to lead Seattle's growth well into the 21st century.

Not only development-minded, but community-minded as well, the Clise family possesses a continued passion and inspired vision for Seattle. Among the family's many community contributions was the founding of Children's Hospital, conceived by Anna Herr Clise in 1907.

Today, under fourth generation leader A.M. Clise, the company continues to advance the Clise family vision of developing the Denny Triangle into Seattle's urban neighborhood of tomorrow. Beginning with the construction of 1700 Seventh Avenue, Seattle's "2001 Office Building of the Year", Clise Properties' new generation of classic contemporary structures represents the company's commitment to thoughtful development, and unparalleled style for the next 100 years.

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